The Flying Pig Taphouse is the realization of many craft beer drinkers’ dreams, especially those of Rebecca and Joe.

What happens when a couple loves beer, travels around the world sampling as they go, and has friends that encourage them to open a bar? They tell them “No way, when pigs fly!”. In 2012, when they decided to give up their careers and open a bar, naming the bar was a no-brainer and “The Flying Pig Taphouse” was born.

The concept is simple, craft beer and a bite to eat. Fifty rotating taps and four coolers of bottles from around Florida, the U.S. and the world will offer something for everyone. The menu consists of appetizers and sandwiches in case you get a little hungry.  For those with an interest in oenology, only the most fun wines by the glass will be offered, nothing pretentious here.

The Flying Pig Taphouse is located at 1584 Central Avenue in the Fusion 1560 project. With the proximity to downtown St. Petersburg and Tropicana Field, there are no excuses not to stop by, sit on the patio, play a game of pool, meet new friends at the community table, or sidle up to the bar where everyone (will eventually) know your name.

The Owners

Rebecca is originally from Naples…but her parents moved her further and further north until she rebelled and moved back to Florida. A rocket scientist by trade, her most recent job was running a missile program for the government in the Washington, D.C. area.  While rocket science isn’t a common stepping stone to bar ownership, her geekiness keeps all those excel formulas and balance sheets running like well-oiled machines.
Joe is a Texan through and through… and comes to The Flying Pig by way of the U.S. Navy. Serving eight years and a veteran of the Gulf War, he is living proof that you can take the Texan out of Texas or the sailor out of the Navy, but you can’t change either one. He revels in sea stories from around the world…especially those involving far flung locales and shellbacks, so come share yours while he pours you a cold one.